What is YouForm?

We have reinvented old school contact-form-makers

Create and make your forms the way You like them,
with the style You like, and let us do the rest!

No server-side code, no programming skills needed
Just relax and make your static websites come to life!

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Everything made simple!

Single prepaid plan. Free to start. Cancel when you want.


first 100 e-mails


every 500 e-mails

1,00 €

volume licenses

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I’m a little bit paranoid... I want to know everything !

Spam? No thanks!

We use intelligent Spam filters to
automatically reduce the number
of fake e-mails

No surprises in the bill

Our prepaid plan let you
know exactly how much money
you will pay

Instant delete

If you want to move somewhere else
you can easily opt-out. You will not
receive any further e-mails or bills!

Modern Layout

Your customers will be impressed
by the modern and clean look and feel
of the e-mails

We respect your Privacy

Everything that passes from our server
is encrypted with HTTPS and not stored.
Only you will read those messages!

Monthly report

Every month we will send you a
report with the total number of
e-mails sent in the past month

YouForm is designed and built by Plastic Panda in Milan
If you want to say Hello, please contact us at [email protected]
We’re happy to know new people around the globe! And don’t forget to spread the word!